deess eeesss mi Bloug today…..WOW dats a sawweeet Bloug

So today we woke up, had breakfast and we were off at 9am to POLIS University!  day 1!!  I was a little nervous but things obviously turned out great.  Once we arrived Ergis, nick and I set up the suitcase CNC machine and helped Prof Jim S. set up for class.  after 12 we had some lunch, toured POLIS university and class began around 1.  Jim gave a great lecture and introduction to the course and its objectives for the next two weeks.  we met all the students and broke up into groups with each one of us in separate teams to help with the process and learning.  Each team will design, mill and cast concrete block and make a wall.  We all are very excited check it out http://make-lab.org/albania-2013/  After a long day we went back home, had a needed DRINK! and off to dinner.  We walked a few blocks and enjoys some sun while stretching our legs, eat at this amazing restaurant of course.  Albania food is the BEST.  Period.  No further discussion required..its like eating Ruth’s Chris everyday but for $12.  Always happy, always satisfied, always great.  So after great food, tons of laughter, stories, defending my honor as usual from these jokers, lol, and spirits we split with Jimbo and his wife and were off for some social drinking.  🙂  MY FAVORITE!

day two tomorrow!

Sinserly,  Hawaii Tom Selleck  [JS-NN-01] Magnum PI [JS-NN-02]